Roseville Golf Club Message Board Guidelines

This message board is for the use of RGC members only and for the sole purpose of finding playing partners, either for club events or just for a fun round of golf.  Before posting a message, please review existing topics on the message board to see if anyone has already started a topic for the tournament you want to enter and then reply to that message.  When posting/replying to messages, it is the responsibility of the individuals (NOT the tournament director) to get in touch with one another and send their entry forms to the tournament director with the names of the playing partners you have chosen.  Please keep your messages short and to the point.  When posting a message for a playing partner (or replying to a message), don't forget to include: the name of the event, your name and contact information and maybe your handicap.  Follow these guidelines and this message board can be a great resource for everyone in the club.

Thank you,

RGC Webmaster

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